Once in a Lifetime

Our once in a lifetime breaks aim to provide the perfect trip for a special event such as a birthday, anniversary or honeymoon. One of our best once in a lifetime holidays would be a northern lights experience in Scandinavia or Iceland. The northern lights are caused by electronically charged particles leading to an incredibly vibrant display of colorful lights. These provide an impressive and romantic backdrop to a holiday for a special occasion.

Another option for an incredible holiday would be to try out an adventure such as husky sledding in Scandinavia, this trip allows for you to experience a truly serene and isolated landscape, using a special mode of transport. Our company is able to pull out all the stops to create a once in a lifetime holiday in a range of different destinations such as Finland and Iceland.

For warmer honeymoons or special occasions we recommend Dubrovnik in Croatia or we can arrange to take you to one of the many stunning islands such as Hvar or Dubrovnik. For something completely novel then why not try our “staying with the count” programme where you get to stay with a real life count in Transylvania, Romania.

Please do contact our friendly and experienced team to discuss ideas and options!