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Discover Iceland the land of waterfalls, lagoons and northern lights

Iceland’s cool capital is a friendly & cosmopolitan destination. Reykjavik is an intimate city, easily negotiated on foot, making it a perfect place to discover on a weekends adventure break. This cultural-village like capital is constantly bubbling with activity and has many tourist attractions to discover all year round. By day, the capital has a pleasant buzz; offering tax free shopping to foreign guests, cosy cafes, art galleries and interesting museums. Furthermore, the city lies close to the wonders of nature and offers its visitors a wide range of outdoor and leisure activities and tours to experience.

In the evenings, the attractions continue, from the famous Northern Lights, Viking Feasts to trendy chic nightclubs and midnight outdoor explorations. Below you’ll find information about all our favourite land and tourism hotspots. We hope you join us and visit Iceland soon, so you can experience for yourselves Iceland’s natural delights and fascinating historical sites. You will not experience a dull moment in Reykjavik, it is the most exclusive, luxury, fun-packed short break destination, anybody could wish for.