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3 nights, 4 days
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Our Iceland Northern Lights self drive holiday is specifically designed to give you flexibility and a genuine chance to see the elusive aurora zone. The essential elements in order to see the Northern lights is of course it needs to be dark, cold and finally the sky needs to be as clear as possible (no clouds, please). The first two points are usually not a problem during winter in Iceland. It’s cold and dark most of the time. But the sky is very unpredictable. One minute, clouds would cover the stars and the auroras. But the next minute, there might be a “hole” in the clouds where the auroras would shine through for some time.This is the moment when the flexibility of having your own car comes into its own!

During this tour, we offer you the chance of participating in a scheduled tour with an expert guide on your arrival evening, where hopefully you will learn some useful tips on how to spot the Northern Lights. On your second night when you are staying in the middle of the Golden Circle area with your own vehicle available to you And away from any city lights you can then put what you have learned into action.

By day you can explore many incredible Icelandic sights: uncover dramatic landscapes of geological wonders, exploding geysers and thundering waterfalls. By night once again become an agile Northern Lights hunter aided by the freedom of your own vehicle and Iceland’s new Aurora forecast website making it more rewarding than ever to seek out these mystical waves of colorful light.

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Key Points

  • 2 nights stay in an downtown design hotel in Reykjavik
  • 1 night stay in remote deluxe apartments 
  • Learn the secrets of Northern Lights hunting
  • Explore natural wonders along the Golden Circle
  • Make your own adventure with a flexible itinerary
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Day 1:

After arriving to Iceland we will arrange a flybus coach transfer to the exclusive Center Hotel Thingholt in Reykjavik down town.

Enjoy the afternoon exploring the pretty city of Reykjavik. Have an early dinner, as you are leaving for a Northern Lights Mystery tour later in the evening (duration: 3-5 hours). Pick up at your hotel approx. at 7:30 PM, but be sure to stop at the hotel bar at least 15 minutes earlier to enjoy a welcome Northern lights cocktail. Spend the evening hunting for the northern lights on a scheduled coach tour with an experienced guide. Our guide will help with tips on seeing the Northern lights. Overnight at Center Hotel Thingholt.

Day 2:

After breakfast you will be picked up by the car rental representative to finalize the rental procedure and pick up of your chosen vehicle. Afterwards the day is open to your inspiration. Below is our suggestion but of course you are free to decide where to go and what to visit, that’s the beauty of this Iceland self drive break.

We recommend spending an hour or two exploring Reykjavik before heading out to the Reykjanes peninsula. Here geothermal heat and lava fields dominate the nature. Stop at the Blue lagoon, a geothermal SPA, where you can enjoy a relaxing swim in its naturally heated waters!

From the Blue Lagoon you can then continue your drive towards the Golden Circle area crossing the small village of Hveragerdi, famous for its green-house cultivations. Reach Grimsborgir luxury apartments, where you’ll stay overnight. We highly recommend that you have dinner at the Grimsborgir highly respected a la carte restaurant.

In the evening, you can begin your Northern lights hunt. If the sky is clear, you are very likely to see the Northern Lights, as you are at a remote area far away from any city light pollution! Overnight at Grimsborgir apartments.

Day 3:

After enjoying breakfast at Grimsborgir, you can explore the famous Golden Circle route, before heading back to Reykjavik in the afternoon. The Classic Golden Circle tour includes a visit to ThingvellirNational Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Gullfoss waterfall as well as the famous Geysir Geothermal area where hot springs and geysers are abundant.

Thingvellir is the site where the oldest existing parliament in the world was formed. It’s not only one of the most historic places in Iceland, but also a natural wonder because of its location literally on top of a tectonic rift valley. At Thingvellir, you can actually see how the continental plates of America and Europe have drifted apart. Huge canyons are the most clear manifestation of this, one of which (“Peningagjá canyon”) is thought to make wishes come true when you throw a coin into it.

From Thingvellir you can continue to the geothermal area around the Geysir hot spring and see Gullfoss waterfall (“the Golden waterfall”). These attractions are two of the most popular ones in Iceland and rightly so! Everybody is blown away by the natural power that is reflected in the spouting geysers and magnificent waterfalls.

After this day of classic sightseeing you will drive back to Reykjavik to check-in once more at Thingholt Hotel, where you’ll spend the third night of your Northern lights break. 

Day 4:

Sadly today is your last day but we hope you will be leaving with some magical memories.
Transfer to the airport by flybus coach service.
Depending on your departure time, the use of the last day in Iceland is totally up to you! If you liked the Blue lagoon, it’s very convenient to “stop by” again at the lagoon on the way to the airport, as it’s only 15 minute drive away. 


3 nights, 4 days.

From £ 299.00 pp

Dates and prices

Single room supplement, per person: GBP 89

Optional extra charges:

Car pickup in Reykjavík and drop off at Keflavík airport  GBP 25 per rental.

Children rate

Special children rate (for children 2-11 years) applies to all programs: only £50 per night, when one child shares a double room with 2 adults.

Please note children’s accommodation consists of an extra bed/mattress on the floor. Children 12 years and older pay full price.


  • 2 nights at Thingholt Center Hotel, including breakfast
  • 1 night at Grimsborgir apartments, including breakfast
  • Transfers to/from Keflavík Airport
  • Northern lights coach tour
  • Northern lights cocktail at Thingholt Hotel
  • 2 days of car rental including VAT, CDW, GPS, two authorised drivers and unlimited mileage
  • Shuttle service for 1 person to pick-up car on day 2
  • Road Map

Not included

  • Gasoline
  • Meals, other then breakfast
  • Optional Tours
  • International flights – please contact our team to discuss your best options: 01926 330 223


Center Hotel Thingholt

Thingholt Hotel is an elegant 4 star hotel, located in the heart of downtown Reykjavik. The building, which originally accommodated the Ísafold printing factory from 1943, has now been converted into an exclusive design hotel and is a great example of Icelandic contemporary design.


Grimsborgir apartments

Located close to the most stunning sights in the Golden Circle area of Iceland, the Grímsborgir Luxury Guest Houses are a great option when wanting a quality accommodation in the countryside.


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  • Northern Lights & Aurora Borealis

    Q: What are the Northern Lights?
    A: The Aurora Borealis (also known as the Northern Lights) are electrical particles from the sun pulled towards the Earth’s magnetic field, that collide with the gas in our atmosphere. At the point of collision, the excess energy is emitted as incredible light, creating various colours.

    Q: Am I guaranteed to see the Aurora Borealis on this holiday?
    A:  The Northern lights are a completely naturally occurring phenomenon, and as such, can never be guaranteed. We always advise that you should travel in hope of seeing the Northern Lights, rather than expect to see them. The good news for our clients, is that we are in the very best possible position to see them. We are far away from any major light pollution from towns, being nestled in the heart of Lapland’s wilderness.

    Q: What is the best time of night to see them?
    A: It tends to be between 23.00 – 03.00 am. But they can be seen as soon as the skies are dark, and clear from clouds.

    Q: What colours will i see?
    A: The most common aurora colour is green. Other colour possibilities include red, blue, yellow, purple, and pink

    Q: What shapes will they make?
    A: This is the true mystery! We have seem them dance like puppets, swirl like wind, hover like clouds and dart like Usain Bolt. They are mind blowingly beautiful.

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