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The Baltic States are one of the most beautiful and exciting travel destinations in Europe. Made up of three very different countries, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the Baltic States is the greatest undiscovered region in the world for lovers of history, culture and adventure. Labelled under the phrase New Europe, these three countries were featured in Michael Palin’s discover new europe series on BBC1.

Why not discover for yourselves on a wonderful city breaks in New Europe. These three countries lie on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, geographically connected and located between Russia and fresh water. For many years, the Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia seemed hidden from the rest of the world. Sandwiched between Poland and Russia, they seem geographically distant from most of Europe, which is far from the truth.

Since joining the European Union, many air carriers fly to the Baltic States and all can be reached under 3 hours from British shores. Though lumped together under the phrase ‘Baltic States’, all three countries are very unique to one another. When you journey through these amazing countries, you’ll soon see that they have their own distinct cultures, languages and landscapes.

The ability to move through three such special countries is a significant advantage for tourists, going from baroque Vilnius to Jugendstil Riga to Hanseatic Tallinn. Discover the travel secret of the world and join one of our Classical Baltic tours or arrange your first city break New Europe Holiday. Hospitality abounds in every country, as do natural treasures, lively arts, world class operas and incredible history. Travel with the Baltic Holidays experts and experience the true souls of these special countries.

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