Kiruna is a lovely town and the perfect base to chase the Northern Lights. You can either stay in a log cabin on the outskirts of the city or at the Ice Hotel Sweden itself.

There are so many activities to do including snow mobiling, SAMI tribesman experience days, dog sledding tours and even down hill skiing. However the majority of our guests come in search of the Northern Lights.

Last time we were there in March we were very lucky to see the lights dance. On our way to dinner at a restaurant outside the town and away from the town lights we started to notice Northern Light activity. The driver reacted quickly, found a safe place to park and turned off the head lights so we were enveloped in darkness.

At first, all we could see were long shapes of light but gradually the show became more dramatic. The glow became stronger and the shapes began moving from strips of light into cloud patterns. However the best was yet to come. Like an experienced concert conductor Mother Nature saved the best until the end of the show. The cloud pattern very quickly changed into a V shape and for a matter of 4 or 5 seconds began literally bubbling.

Then as soon as it had appeared it vanished, leaving behind just a few feint streaks, which in turn died away, leaving our group enthralled and amazed.

I had always been curious about the Northern Lights prior to this trip and had heard various reports from friends and colleagues but having witnessed them dance in the dark Kiruna skies I can truly say it is worth every effort to witness them with your own eyes. It was indeed a privilege and a memory which will stay with me forever [Brett Smith – travel manager].