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Germany’s capital ‘Berlin’ is one of the coolest places in Europe

Germany is located in the heart of Europe and borders nine countries. It is Europe’s most populated nation, home to around 82 million people and ranks among the leading economic powers in the world. Visitors to Germany can enjoy a diversity of attractions, from large bustling cities, varied landscapes of mountains, forests & lakes and an exciting calendar of carnival parties, concerts and folklore.

The 2,000 years of European cultural history have certainly left their mark on Germany. Nowhere else will you find as many unique sites of natural and cultural interest situated so closely together. Many of the most historical landmarks have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites of ‘extraordinary universal interest’ and have been placed under the protection of international conventions.

In terms of natural beauty some of the highlights include the Rhine and Moselle valleys, the Bavarian Alps and the Baltic coast. Have a holiday in Germany, the fairytale land of the Grimm Brothers and enjoy its rich history & architecture, medieval towns and the amazing city of Berlin. All types of holidays are available for Germany, from hiking & cycling tours to Berlin opera holidays, Christmas short break, New Year celebrations and much much more.

The biggest destination in Germany is its capital, Berlin and if you haven’t been there, you most certainly would have read about it. Anyone who has had a city break in Berlin returns home raving about it. It’s a perfect romantic city break city, with so many things to see and do in Berlin. There are a plethora of museums, galleries, chic-restaurants and day excursions, to keep the most discerning traveler satisfied.

For young back packers, clubbers and stag weekends in Berlin you’ll be happy to know the Berlin nightlife is around the clock. Earthy pubs, student chic hangouts, affordable drinks and the world’s best beers. The city is safe and the people are fashionable and trendy. Join our regular pub crawls or book VIP club tickets. Berlin for sure is one of the coolest cities in Europe offering some of the coolest hotels, restaurants and bars you will ever experience.

The Berlin Christmas markets are also well worth experiencing. The soul and spirit of the city is always warm, special and inviting. Berlin because of the diverse nightlife scene, nice Berlin luxury hotels and rich history is also a magnet for special events and occasions; both for individuals, groups and companies. Please do contact our Berlin travel experts to discuss how we can help.

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