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Vienna is one of Europe’s finest Imperial cities

“The streets of Vienna, are not only paved with stones but with history”

Austria was inhabited originally by the Celts. Following the Celts a number of tribes took root in Austria, these included the Huns, the Ostrogoths, the Lombards, the Turks, the Bavarians and of course the mighty Roman’s.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, of which Austria was part, Bavarians and Slavic Avars invaded the area. Subsequently Charlemagne conquered the area in C.E.788 and encouraged colonization and Christianity. In 1252, Ottokar, King of Bohemia, gained possession, only to lose the territories to Rudolf of Hapsburg in 1278. Thereafter, until World War I, Austria’s history was largely that of its ruling house, the Habsburgs.

Austria was the home of the Habsburgs, the continent’s most influential and longest lasting dynasty. During World War I, Austria-Hungary was one of the central powers of Europe along with Germany, Bulgaria, and Turkey. However WWI left the country in political chaos and economic ruin. Austria and Hungary parted union and Austria was proclaimed a republic in 1918, and the monarchy was dissolved shortly after in 1919.

The Austrian style is distinct and is manifested in the refined baroque architecture and sculpture of the 17th and 18th centuries, notably in Vienna, Salzburg, and Melk. The Viennese State Opera is still the most highly acclaimed in the entire world! Discover Austria’s amazing history, culture and general way of life and book a short break holiday to Vienna or Salzburg.

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